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Guide To A 10x20 Self Storage Unit

Are you striving to find affordable, spacious storage options close to Cortland, OH? You just need to head over to Cortland Storage Park, where our 10x20 storage units provide just the right amount of space for all of your storage demands! Below, discover must-know information about 10x20 storage units near you.
Guide To A 10x20 Self Storage Unit

What Are The Dimensions Of A 10x20 Self Storage Unit?

Our 10x20 storage unit at Cortland Storage Park is 10 feet wide, 20 feet long, and has a spacious 8 feet of ceiling space. Similar to the dimensions of a standard garage, these units offer a generous 200 square feet of storage space.

What Items Can You Fit In A 10x20 Self Storage Unit?

  • Furniture - Easily store bulky pieces like couches, beds, dressers, dining tables, and chairs. There is enough space in our big apartments for you to keep your furniture secure and safe.
  • Appliances - Refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other appliances can all fit inside our 10x20 units, giving your house or place of business more space.
  • Boxes and Containers - Our 10x20 units offer plenty of room for boxes, containers, and storage bins, whether you're organizing business inventory, decluttering your home, or storing seasonal items.
  • Recreational Equipment - Until your next trip, store your camping supplies, bicycles, kayaks, sports equipment, and outdoor gear safely.
  • Vehicles - Our 10x20 units are large enough to fit cars, offering additional security and weather protection.

What Kind of Vehicle Can Fit In A 10x20 Self Storage Unit?

At Cortland Storage Park, a 10x20 storage unit is usually spacious enough to store smaller vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, or even some compact cars. To ensure a comfortable fit, consider the specific dimensions and requirements of your vehicle. It's essential to check with the storage facility for guidelines or restrictions as not all 10x20 units may be suitable to store a vehicle. For questions, please contact us at (330) 638-4934.

How Much Does A 10x20 Self Storage Unit Cost?

The price of a 10x20 storage unit varies based on factors like location, availability, and selected features. Rent our 10x20 self storage unit here at Cortland Storage Park for just $115 per month, the most affordable in Trumbull County, Ohio! To rent a 10x20 storage unit, ask directly with Cortland Storage Park at (330) 638-4934 or visit our website.

How Do I Find Affordable 10x10 Storage Units Near Me?

Located conveniently at 3140 State Route 5 Cortland, OH, Cortland Storage Park is only a short drive from Warren, OH to Cortland Storage Park, and surrounding areas nearby. Our storage facility provides the best storage option for both local businesses and individuals, It is easily accessible. Rent your 10x20 storage unit today and take advantage of our exclusive deal to save 50% on your FIRST month's rent.
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