10'x20' Storage Unit FAQ
Cortland Storage Park takes pride in being the premier provider of 10x20 storage units in Cortland. We offer a diverse range of unit options and sizes to cater to your specific needs. Our 10x20 large self storage units are ideal for both short-term and long-term storage solutions in Cortland.

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How big is a 10x20 storage unit?
Our 10x20 storage units at Cortland Storage Park measure 10 feet in width and 20 feet in length, offering a generous total storage space of 200 square feet. Our units feature an 8-foot ceiling, allowing for an impressive storage capacity of up to 1,600 cubic feet.

What does a 10x20 storage unit look like?
To provide you with a general idea of the size, a 10x20 unit is approximately equivalent to a standard one-car garage in terms of space. A drive-up 10x20 storage unit is designed to provide convenient and easy access for loading and unloading your belongings. It features a roll-up at the front of the unit that you can easily drive up to. This allows you to park your vehicle directly in front of the unit, providing a seamless and efficient process for moving items in and out.
10x20 Storage Unit

10x20 Storage Unit Items

What can you fit in a 10x20 storage unit?
A 10x20 storage unit is ideal for storing the contents of a multi-bedroom home or up to five rooms. It can accommodate large furniture, appliances, boxes, and outdoor equipment, providing ample space for your storage needs. For further assistance, contact us at Cortland Storage Park facility.
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwaves
  • Air conditioners
  • King-size mattress
  • Couches/Sofas
  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Lounge chairs
  • Dressers
  • Bed frames
  • Patio Furniture
Vehicles & Equipment
  • Canoes
  • Jet skis
  • Motorcycles
  • Sports gear
  • Lawn mowers
  • Small tractors
  • Small trailers
What are common uses for a 10x20 storage unit?
  • Moving between home closings
  • Housing belongings during deployment
  • Storing household furnishings during renovation
Can a car fit in a 10x20 storage unit?
Yes, a car can typically fit in a 10x20 storage unit. These units are specifically designed to accommodate vehicles, including cars and trucks. With its dimensions of 10 feet by 20 feet, a 10x20 storage unit provides ample space for parking a standard-sized vehicle. Whether you need short-term or long-term car storage, a 10x20 vehicle storage unit offers a convenient and secure solution.

Is this the right storage unit size for a three-bedroom house?
Yes, a 10x20 storage unit is typically suitable for storing the contents of a three-bedroom house. With enough space to accommodate the belongings from multiple rooms, including furniture, appliances, and boxes, a 10x20 unit is a popular choice for individuals or families who are moving, remodeling, or in need of temporary storage during home transitions. It provides ample space to safely store your items until you're ready to retrieve them.

How do you pack a 10x20 storage unit?
  1. Clean and prepare: Clean your items before packing to maintain their condition while in storage.
  2. Box everything: Use boxes to pack your belongings, labeling each box for easy identification.
  3. Optimize box sizes: Choose the right box sizes for your items to maximize space utilization. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter and bulkier items.
  4. Utilize vertical space: Stack boxes and furniture vertically to make the most of the unit's height. Consider using shelving units or pallets to create additional levels.
  5. Create clear pathways: Leave pathways in the center of the unit to facilitate easy access to items at the back. This eliminates the need to unpack everything when retrieving specific belongings.
By following these steps, you can efficiently pack your 10x20 storage unit and optimize the available space.
10x20 Storage Unit
10x20 Storage Unit Prices
How much does a 10x20 storage unit cost?
If you're in need of a 10x20 storage unit, contact us today to learn more and find the perfect solution for your storage needs. We guarantee you’ll find we have the best prices in Cortland for self storage.

How do I find cheap 10x20 storage units near me?
Our 10x20 storage units can be found at your local Cortland Storage Park facility at 3140 State Route 5. We're committed to providing affordable and convenient storage solutions to meet your needs, so contact us today to find the perfect storage unit near me & you in Cortland. Rent your storage unit now! Call or text (330) 638-4934.