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Your Ideal 10x10 Self Storage Unit In Cortland, OH

Considering expanding your storage but unsure about the right unit size? Our 10x10 self-storage unit at Cortland Storage Park may be the perfect fit. This storage solution offers a convenient and efficient option for those seeking additional space at affordable monthly rates, whether you're a homeowner looking to declutter or a small business owner in search of a secure spot for extra goods.
Your Ideal 10x10 Self Storage Unit In Cortland, OH

What are the dimensions of a 10x10 self storage unit?

The dimensions of a 10x10 self storage unit are 10 feet wide by 10 feet long, with extensive 8 feet of ceiling space. Consider it as the size of an average small bedroom or even half the size of a typical one-car garage to better understand its spaciousness.

What items can you fit in a 10x10 self storage unit?

At Cortland Storage Park, the 10x10 self storage unit is an ideal way to safely store large items, appliances, and furniture. It’s also designed for small businesses struggling with excess inventory in mind, it offers a roomy space that can hold furniture as well as a variety of necessities like inventory rolling carts, boxes, paperwork, and records. This 10x10 self-storage unit at Cortland Storage Park is versatile and suitable for storing a variety of items:
  • Extra bedding or mattresses.
  • Travel accessories and suitcases.
  • Furniture, like nightstands and dressers.
  • Accessories and shoes for the off-season.
  • Extra furniture for seating (chairs, ottomans).
  • Seasonal accessories.
  • Books and bookcases.
  • A media console or entertainment center.
  • Not often used small appliances.
  • Additional dishes and kitchenware
  • Cookware and serving pieces for unique events.
  • Significant records and documents.
  • Promotional products and marketing materials.
  • Bulk office supplies.
  • Seasonal outdoor equipment, such as ski and camping gear.
  • Garden and lawn equipment.
  • Bikes or gear for outdoor sports.
  • Auto parts and supplies.
  • Outdoor furniture for the off-season.
  • Grills and accessories for grilling
Because of the flexibility that our 10x10 self-storage unit can provide at Cortland Storage Park, this accommodates a wide range of storage needs and offers a complete solution for both personal and professional belongings.

What kind of vehicle could be stored in the storage unit?

Our thoughtfully designed 10x10 self-storage units at Cortland Storage Park offer a practical and adaptable solution. Specifically engineered to cater to large motorcycles, these medium-sized units extend beyond simple storage—they provide space for your helmet, leather, additional wheels, parts, and other riding essentials. Enhance your storage experience by decluttering your garage, ensuring a tidy and organized space, and providing a secure haven for your valuable motorcycle, especially during challenging winter conditions. While our 10x10 units are well-suited for motorcycle storage, we highly recommend our 10x20 self storage units for accommodating a variety of cars.

How do you organize a 10x10 self storage unit?

To optimize the space in your 10x10 self-storage unit at Cortland Storage Park, follow these steps:
  • Create and maintain a comprehensive inventory list
  • Opt for standard box sizes to facilitate efficient stacking and organization
  • Pack items into boxes whenever possible; utilize shelving units for vertical storage
  • And protect furniture and mattresses by covering them to prevent dust, scuffs, and scratches.
This approach ensures that you maximize the storage space available while keeping your belongings secure and well-preserved. During the packing process, remember to allocate space for larger boxes or furniture items.

How much does it cost to rent a 10x10 self storage unit?

Secure your 10x10 self-storage unit with Cortland Storage Park for just $75! Explore our ongoing promotions for the best deals. We are located at 3140 State Route 5, Cortland, OH 44410, conveniently situated near Mark Thomas Ford Inc., Sam's Club, and Walmart Supercenter. Call or text us at (330) 638-4934 and rent your 10x10 self storage unit today!
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