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Essential Guide: Packing Your Furniture For Moving

Knowing how to move furniture without causing damage or risking injury is crucial, particularly when relocating to Cortland, or nearby cities like Warren, Ohio. Located at 3140 State Route 5, Cortland Storage Park provides a comprehensive guide tailored to help you seamlessly navigate your next move. From essential supplies to expert tips on furniture protection during the move, we've got you covered. Take a look at our advice below to ensure a smooth and secure furniture relocation, regardless of size.
Packing furniture for moving
.1. Secure the Appropriate Packing Materials
When it comes to packing furniture for a move, having the right supplies is key. Be sure to have plastic wrap, or bubble wrap to safeguard your belongings. Additionally, stock up on moving tape, markers, and plastic baggies to aid in labeling and organizing all the parts efficiently.
To prepare for the packing process, make sure to have your toolbox at the ready. You might require a screwdriver or other tools for disassembling furniture, which we'll discuss in the following steps. Additionally, keep a measuring tape handy to ensure easy passage through doorways and hallways. Don't forget to gather cleaning supplies such as a duster, glass cleaner, and surface cleaner to tidy up your furniture before packing.

2. Take Apart Removable Parts
Simplify the moving process by exploring what furniture pieces can be disassembled for easier handling. Prior to disassembling, capture photos of each item for future reference, ensuring effortless reassembly. Additionally, label all components and store extra pieces such as nuts and bolts in a labeled bag to facilitate a seamless reconstruction process.
Take a closer look at your furniture to identify any components that can be safely disassembled. If uncertain, refer to the owner's manual for guidance on detachable parts without causing damage. Consider removing legs from couches, detaching glass surfaces from tables, or taking out drawers from dressers to simplify the moving process. You'll be amazed at how much easier moving your furniture can become with the right disassembly.

3. Secure Furniture Using Plastic Wrap
When preparing furniture for a move, start by thoroughly cleaning each piece to remove any dirt or dust. Then, utilize plastic or shrink wrap as a reliable protective layer to secure your furniture and keep all parts intact.
For instance, when wrapping a couch for a move, carefully stretch the plastic around the body of the couch multiple times. Enlist an extra pair of hands if needed, as this process can be challenging solo. To safeguard against sharp corners, place cardboard on them before applying the plastic wrap for added protection. When wrapping items like desks or dressers, use plastic to prevent shelves or drawers from slipping out during transport.

4. Optimize Moving Tools and Equipment
Avoid the risk of injury and damage by forgoing the solo attempts to move your furniture. Instead, rely on suitable moving equipment that can alleviate the strain on your back, arms, and legs. Gather a team of friends or family members to assist you in maneuvering your furniture onto a dolly or hand truck. Ensure someone is on hand to supervise in case of any shifts or potential falls. By utilizing this moving equipment, you can streamline and expedite the moving process, making it both efficient and safe.

5. Opt for a Rental Truck with Loading Ramp and Tie-Downs
With your furniture prepped and set for the move, it's essential to secure a suitable rental truck equipped with a loading ramp. It's advisable to contact the moving truck company well in advance to ensure availability on your scheduled moving day.
Once you have the truck, utilize the moving equipment mentioned earlier to smoothly maneuver your furniture onto the loading ramp and into the vehicle. Subsequently, use reliable tie-downs to secure your items, preventing any potential shifting or impact during transit. With your furniture securely positioned in the rental truck, you're all set to safely transport it to your new destination.
Cortland Storage Park: Your Furniture Storage Destination
Having learned how to properly pack your furniture for a move, you may find the need for temporary storage. Whether you're in a situation where your new home isn't ready for immediate occupancy, or you've acquired new furniture and require a temporary space for your precious items, Cortland Storage Park is a convenient solution to store your belongings.
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